Monday, 20 May 2013

[ Help Needed ] Rooting Samsung Galaxy Music Duos GT-S6012

So I've the Samsung Galaxy Music Duos GT-S6012 and here's some more details of this :

Manufacturer: samsung

Model: GT-S6012

Android Version: 4.0.4

Region : INS

Build ID: IMM76D.S6012XWAMC1

Board ID: rhea

Device : Ivory

Product Name : Ivory XX

OS Architecture : ARMv71

Chipset Platform: rhea

SDK Ver : 15

Kernel : 3.0.15 - 1209737 dpi@ Dell 209#1 Wed Mar 13 01 :20:09 KST 2013

I know there's three threads already on this topic but none of this has a step by step guide with exact procedure and necessary files needed to root this device. I've tried almost everything to root the device but without any results - things I've tried :

Installed JDK and adb in proper order.

1. - no go.

2. SuperOneClick - hangs at a certain point

3. UnlockRoot app - model not supported.

4. - needs CWM but CWM has no support for my device.

5. - same as previous ( needs CWM ) and with stock recovery I get file signature verification error and Odin won't let me flash using an Insecure kernel.

6. - no support for my device.

7. SRSRoot rebooted my device with several exploit methods but failed.

8. Some more manual methods with ADB shell/su commands but I can't get access to su with this error "su: not found "

9. Tried some root helper apk apps inside of the phone same result as before.

Tried extracting the necessary files from official rom to modify and make a root mod but odinatrix failed to extract files form the official tar.md5 archive and I don't have much experience on modifying such files. This tar.md5 file is different and not a single windows based archiving tools can't even open it.

Anyway, I feel like total lost as there's no proper step by step rooting method ( working ) and files for this device .. moreover the GT-S6012 is not listed even on xda-developers. ( one of the world's finest place for such mod works ).

For Christ sake someone please help me out with this as none of the previous discussion on this had gone too far resulting in a successful method .. If someone can really make a modified flash able kernel / some files so that Samsung GT-S6012 can be successfully rooted it would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, here's the link to the official firmware :

all the experienced mods, devs and users please help me out on this !

via xda-developers

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