Monday, 13 May 2013

[HOW TO] Update to latest stock MDL ROM, install custom recovery and root.

As always NAND BACKUP before you try. This will update you to Stock MDL firmware with updated modem, custom recovery and root.

Ok so, a couple days ago I flashed SPHL720_MDC_Stock_Restore.exe (DISCLAIMER this removes root and custom recovery) from Team SXTP. (see link below) In my experience so far I could not get the update from sprint to apply until I was full unmodified stock.

I then let the update from sprint download and installed it.

Follow these directions if you have problems getting the update to download from sprint.

Then rebooted and let the update load and build the new /system. At this point I was full stock MDL including stock recovery and the new modem.

I then Odin flashed Shabby's recovery. This was tricky. I had to FLASH via Odin with auto reboot UNCHECKED. After the flash said PASS I then took the usb cable out and then battery pulled. (Let the battery stay out 30 secs before reinserting.) I had to do this 3x for Shabby's recovery to stick.

Alternate recovery from Team SXTP.

I then, using the custom recovery, installed Shabby's modified kernel, then Shabby's root zip ( Then rebooted.

I am now rooted with stock MDL for the Software version, Baseband version (modem) and Build number. The Modified reboot menu and hotspot mod for MDL are also working.

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