Friday, 5 July 2013

[APP][4.0+] Hovering Controls

Hello all!!

I am developing a new app, its, for now, called Hovering Controls, it allows you to open your desired app with hand gesture (1 slide, slide twice and hover) (not real gesture as it uses proximity sensor) it also allow you to play, pause, next,previous your songs/videos even with screen off. Also mute alarm and ring phone with a simple hand wave. There are 2 modes, target mode (1 gesture for one app) and carousel mode where you can set a list app and it goes throught them.

I would like to hear from your opinions and feedback.

Thank you very much all!!

Download Link:

www .dropbox. com/s/47ebpqyj1ol3jdj/Hovering%20Controls.apk

delete the spaces in the url as i still cant post urls.

PD:The icon is just a demo not the final one. It has a widget also to stop/pause the detection.

via xda-developers

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