Friday, 26 July 2013

[Q] Should my Razr Maxx HD have specific HDMI settings?

A few months ago I bought a lightly used Razr Maxx HD on eBay. It was advertised as being in perfect condition and, after lots of use and rooting and unlocking the bootloader and flashing a dozen different custom ROMs it has worked perfectly for me.

A few days ago, for the first time, I tried using the micro-HDMI port to view video from my Maxx HD on an HDMI-equipped TV. I know that the cable works, the TV works and the HDMI input on the TV works because I used the exact same setup to view video from a Droid X2.

When I plugged the micro-HDMI cable into my Maxx HD I got NOTHING. Nothing happened at all. No icon in the system tray, no sign of any audio or video on the TV, no pop-up dialog box, nothing. The only change is that audio on the phone is muted (the phone display is unchanged). Since then I've gone looking for HDMI controls or settings on the phone. I haven't found any. Some threads point to Settings - DIsplay - HDMI for controls but my Settings - Display doesn't have any HDMI section.

Right now I'm running RageHD 1.2 (4.1.2). The dev said I shouldn't be having this problem. I've tried half a dozen 4.2 ROMs but I'd prefer a less fancy ROM where everything (I think) works to a newer one that always seems to have a few glitches. I used TWRP to replace RageHD with fairly recent versions of 4.2 ROMs I'd installed before to see if that would solve my problem. It didn't. I'm back on RageHD because I like the stability and functionality but I'm willing to experiment.

I always make an effort to find answers before I ask questions. What am I missing here? Is my phone defective? Am I overlooking something?

via xda-developers

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