Tuesday, 27 August 2013

[MOD] WORKING volume long press skip on ME7 stock

After a lot of trial and tribulation, I found a method to get long press on volume skipping tracks in all music apps. To be clear this works on STOCK ROOTED ME7.

If you need info on rooting, check out this thread

To get it working you need XPosed Framework and Wanam Xposed to send the correct long press command. This can then be intercepted by the HeadsetButton Controller app, available on Google Play, in order to skip tracks.


1) Install XPosed Framework. Then REBOOT

2) Install Wannam Xposed from the google play store and REBOOT.

3) Open up XPosed Installer, and click Install/Update. Reboot.

4) Open Xposed Installer again, and click the Modules tab. Click the check mark on Wanam Xposed. Reboot.

5) Open Wanam Xposed and click the Sound option. Make sure "Skip tracks with volume keys" is checked. Reboot.

6) Install HeadsetButton Controller . (There is a trial version available for you cheapskates :) ) Open it up, and go to the advanced settings. Make sure "Enabled" is checked. Make sure that under "Target music app" that "Currently running music app" is selected.

7) Finally, REBOOT and enjoy.

I know there's a lot of reboots. I'm not sure that all are necessary, but I do know that if you do follow all of these steps, you will be enjoying long press volume skip as much as I am.

via xda-developers http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2423163&goto=newpost

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