Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Moto X is live on Verizon's site - post here if you ordered!

The Moto X has been live on the VZW site for about 15 minutes now. Did you get one?

I grabbed one on a 2-year contract upgrade for $199.99. White, 16GB (only the 16GB is available, of course - no 32GB).

I was fortunately not forced to give up my Unlimited data during the time of upgrade. This was a complete surprise to me... so I double-triple-quadruple checked during the transaction and despite doing a 2-year contract upgrade I was able to keep my data plan as unlimited on my line. I suspect, however, that this is a feature of my being on an employee account with VZW. Still, you may want to see if you have the option.

I paid $14.99 extra for next-day shipping. The website said delivered by 10:30am on 8/30/2013. Woohoo!

via xda-developers

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