Sunday, 18 August 2013

[Q] Droid X2 to net10 activation issue

Looking for some advice. I searched as best that I could, with the keywords that I could think of. So far nothing came up for the problem that I am having.

I got a Droid X2 from a friend. It has a clean ESN. the phone was hard reset, so I had to deal with bypassing the VZW activation process (touch all four corners) to get it to load my settings. This went smooth and I had no issues. I got the X2 to replace the Droid 2 Global that I was using on Net10. I paid the $15 bucks to register the Droid X2 on Net10's network. This went smooth as well. I called Net10, gave them the MEID from the X2 and waited for the transfer to occur. Once My Droid 2 Global stopped working a few minutes later, I dialed *22890 from the X2, but I could not activate the phone on Net 10. I kept getting a message saying the "we are unable to program your phone at this time". I figured out that the X2 was trying to activate the phone from Verizon before it would let me complete the *22890 call to Net10. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue as well? What do I need to to do to prevent the phone from reaching out to VZW first, before allowing me to complete the call to Net10?

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