Wednesday, 14 August 2013

[Q] DSIXDA Kitchen for Xperia ZL for locked bootloader.

I am very sorry if I'm posting in the wrong thread, please, any mod, feel free to tell me and I'll remove and relocate right away.

I've searched Google, Bing, Yahoo, webcrawler, under my bed, and for the life of me, I can't seem to find how to get around this.

Here's what I did:

-Flashed 244 with flashtool.

-Rooted using DooMLoRD method

-Flashed CWM recovery

-Backed up with CWM recovery

-Copied the whole folder to my kitchen folder in Ubuntu.

-Joined the system.ext4.tar.a and system.ext4.tar.b into a single system.ext4.tar

-Started kitchen and chose that system.ext4.tar

-When chose told me it would use a fake boot.img, I said YES

-Created working folder

-An “update-script” was automatically created when extracting to working folder

-Rooted “superSU”


Looks like this:

Working folder information (v0.224)

Android OS version : 4.2.2

Device : C6506

Model : C6506

ROM Name : 10.3.1.A.0.244

Rooted (Superuser app + su) : YES

Rooted (unsecured boot.img) : UNKNOWN

BusyBox installed : YES

BusyBox run-parts support : NO

Apps2SD (Apps to EXT) enabled : NO

/data/app enabled : NO

Custom boot animation allowed : NO

Nano text editor installed : NO

Bash shell support : NO

/system/framework is deodexed : NO

/system/app is deodexed : NO

radio.img found : NO

ROM will wipe all data : NO

Went to 0 “Advanced Options”

-Deodexed framework and App folders with API level 17 (4.2.2)

*********Had this error:

WARNING: Could not deodex the following (you can try to deodex these files again):


A summary of the deodexing has been logged in deodex_081413_155859.log

0 *.odex files remain in system/app

1 *.odex files remain in system/framework



-Added BusyBox Run-Parts feature

-Converted update-script to updater-script with options 0-17

-Build ROM from working folder, and it did find the updater-script(edify) while creating

Amazing, all good, tried to flash, it verifies the updater-scripts, opens the updater-script, then, TADAAAAAA, ERROR 0.

Don't know what it is I'm doing wrong.

Please, some wizard help me.

It worked like a charm when I was cooking for my HOX.

I'm guessing maybe I'm missing the edify_def file for ZL in the kitchen, or, there is something I'm missing for locked bootloaders, or, I'm just too dumb and too much of a noob to get it right, hahaha.

via xda-developers

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